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Tairāwhiti businesses – do you accept the challenge?   

Tairāwhiti businesses – do you accept the challenge?   

17 November 2023 - Sunrise Foundation Skindeep

Chrissy Aldridge and the Skindeep team have gifted over $5000 to Sunrise’s General fund through regular giving. 

Locally owned and operated Skindeep Clinic donates $50 a week through regular giving to Sunrise’s General fund as a way of ‘giving back’. In just over two years they have already gifted over $5000. 

“Some people volunteer their time, but for me donating to Sunrise is how I can help others in our community who need it. I can’t believe as a business we’ve already given over $5000 – that’s so awesome,” says Chrissy Aldridge, Skindeep owner. 

With 50 different Sunrise funds to support, Chrissy chose the General fund as she liked its flexibility and ability to support our community wherever the need was greatest. Chrissy says she would love to see other local businesses doing the same, selecting a Sunrise fund to support that resonated with them. 

As owner of a small business, with a staff of five, Chrissy says, “If we can manage to donate each week, there must be so many other businesses in Tairāwhiti, big or small, who can do the same.” 

“I think of it as paying it forward – as a business we’re giving back to the community who support us. It doesn’t have to be $50 a week, even $50 a month would add up to make a huge difference over time,” says Chrissy. 

If you'd like to accept Chrissy’s challenge of becoming a regular business donor, helping to create a brighter future for Tairāwhiti, please ring Glenda on 06 867 7939. She's more than happy to answer any questions and guide you through the straightforward process.  For more info on giving through Sunrise click here.

Skindeep offers cosmetic medicine and advanced beauty therapies from their fabulously renovated premises on 138 Wainui Road.