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Donations go twice as far at Eastwoodhill Arboretum

Donations go twice as far at Eastwoodhill Arboretum

25 February 2023 - The Sunrise Foundation Eastwoodhill

Take a family trip to Eastwoodhill over Autumn to enjoy the beauty of the leaves changing colour.

As Autumn approaches next month, it’s the perfect time to visit Eastwoodhill Arboretum of NZ, Te Mara Rakanunui o Aotearoa, a national treasure approximately 30 minutes out of Gisborne. Witnessing the beauty of the leaves changing hue is truly spectacular and well worth the drive.

An endowment fund for Eastwoodhill Arboretum was established with Sunrise in 2016 to support ongoing development and secure the future of the arboretum for generations to come. The strength of the endowment model, where donations and bequests are invested and grown each year is what appealed to the donors who seeded the fund.

Eastwoodhill, the National Arboretum of New Zealand, has 25km of walking tracks and over 131 hectares planted with exotic and native trees, shrubs, and climber plants. Open to the public for 364 days a year, the arboretum has a cafe, a playground, and is also a popular venue for functions and educational visits.

Jane Williams, Eastwoodhill chairperson, says, “We receive up to 4000 volunteer hours per annum which helps enormously with our day to day running as we’re such a complex charity and venue.”

The arboretum doesn’t receive any government funding and is reliant on grants and donations to continue operating. They are appreciative that JN Williams Memorial Trust continue to be so supportive of them, with the shared goal of the arboretum become self-sustaining in the future.

If you donate to Eastwoodhill’s Endowment Fund before March 31 you will receive 1/3 of your donation back as a tax rebate. To read more about the fund or to donate click on these links. Donations of any amount are appreciated and collectively make a difference.