Reweti Ropiha

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Reweti Ropiha

Reweti was born and raised in Gisborne and has been the chief executive officer for Turanga Health for over 10 years.

He holds a Masters in Business and has had extensive involvement with a number of projects and initiatives within the Gisborne community.

Reweti is passionate about health services reaching all people and those services continuing to develop in order to make a difference. As well as his work with Turanga Health, he has been involved with The Vanessa Lowndes Centre, Te Runanga o Turanganui a Kiwa, Ngai Tamanuhiri Whanui Trust and the Turanganui Primary Health Organisation.

Reweti’s involvement with the above organisations has sparked his interest in The Sunrise Foundation – he believes there is no better way but to guide Gisborne approaches for the betterment of Gisborne’s wellbeing.

In his spare time Reweti has been a keen rugby and league player and is still an active supporter.

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